In an increasingly global economy, companies can make their “home” anywhere. To ensure Kentucky is a top choice for business, our regulations and policies should be fair and competitive, and support, not impede, economic development. GLI’s business competitiveness positions support legislative initiatives that foster innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialization, allowing Kentucky to recruit, retain and expand business investment and jobs, particularly in its priority sectors of economic development strength – Advanced Manufacturing, Lifelong Wellness & Aging Care, Logistics & Distribution; and Food & Beverage Innovation.

Kentucky’s revenue and expenditure policies should be aligned to promote growth and business investment while providing resources to meet the state’s necessary obligations. Spending at the state level should be prioritized to reflect investment in Kentucky’s future competitiveness.

Likewise, revenue generation should encourage growth and prosperity, not place a disproportionate burden on businesses – as a whole or by size or sector – and must be coupled with spending reforms.

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GLI’s tracking of legislation is not meant to indicate support or opposition. All tracked legislation is chosen based on its perceived potential impact on the Greater Louisville business community.

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