GLI is a regional chamber that crosses state lines.  We will work together with One Southern Indiana to collaborate and work on initiatives that benefit both Indiana and Kentucky.  While not legislative, we have identified goals we can work together to accomplish.

Tuition Reciprocity

GLI supports a prompt renewal of the Kentucky/Indiana Tuition Reciprocity Agreement.  This is not a measure that should be postponed.  It should not occur at the 11th hour.  Discussions should begin now and we will work to build communication between states.

Indiana Legislative Session

GLI is tracking legislation in Indianapolis that could impact our region. Links to those bills can be found here:

SB 357 will provide a tax credit of up to $300 for individuals who pay tolls to drive on the Indiana toll road

SB 379 will provide a tax deduction of up to $500 for individual drivers from Clark and Floyd counties. To be eligible, drivers must pay more than $100 a year on tolls and have a RiverLink account.

HB 1211 will establish the IN-KY tansborder groundwater authority to study ownership rights in the groundwater resources shared by our two states.

HB 1286 will provide that if a regional development authority is established after June 30, 2017, the establishing ordinances must specify if the authority has the power of eminent domain, does not have the power of eminent domain, or has the authority per the approval of the municipality’s legislative body.

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