Individual communities thrive most when they find ways to collaborate and work together as one region. That’s why in 2016 Greater Louisville Inc. formed a 15-county partnership with five counties in Southern Indiana and 10 in Kentucky. Since then, GLI has grown to become the largest business organization in the region. As the voice of the Greater Louisville business community, GLI is committed to accelerating economic growth on both sides of the Ohio River.

Regional MapA key part of our strategy to fulfill that commitment is our advocacy efforts. In partnership with One Southern Indiana, GLI advocates for pro-business, pro-growth public policy in Indianapolis to the benefit of Southern Indiana businesses.

Major bi-state legislative victories in 2017 included the establishment of a trans-border water resource authority and legislation on regional development authorities. Read about GLI’s 2018 bi-state priorities below.

 2018 Bi-state Priorities

GLI supports the continued economic development of Southern Indiana via the Indiana Regional Cities Initiative. In 2015, the State of Indiana awarded $42 million to three regions across the state that are now leveraging state funds to attract private investment, increase their tax bases, and add Quality of Place attractions. GLI supports continued efforts for Southern Indiana communities to form a Regional Development Authority (RDA) to prepare and submit an application for this designation in future funding rounds.

The Louisville Loop seals Greater Louisville’s position as a world-class city with a world-class park system. With the expansion of the Ohio River Greenway in Clark and Floyd Counties, the Louisville Loop has the potential to become truly regional. The two remaining tasks are to adequately support the 2018 completion of the Ohio River Greenway in Indiana, and to finish the bike and pedestrian connection across the Ohio River between Portland and New Albany, allowing full completion of a pedestrian loop.

GLI continues to support its park systems and the need to further develop and maintain these public spaces. Investment in Louisville’s park systems, including Waterfront Park, has directly spurred millions of dollars in economic impact ranging from restaurants and events and tourism to residential/business development and renovations.

Beyond physical connections, broadband access across Southern Indiana and Greater Louisville is critical for further economic development and connectivity. Indiana should modernize regulations allowing for the addition of fiber cable to current telecommunications infrastructure on private property.

Beyond trade, the Ohio River, its tributaries and creeks offer a sustainable water resource for the region. In 2017, Indiana’s legislature took action and implemented a water authority to study and devise a plan for water utilization. Kentucky should work in cooperation with these efforts to ensure safety, sustainability and quality while supporting economic development through tourism, manufacturing, recreation, and agriculture.

Kentucky is one of 26 states benefitting from the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). With many of the region’s health care companies operating across state lines, it is important for Greater Louisville to maintain and attract nursing talent. Indiana should pass NLC legislation to authorize its registered nurses to maintain their in-state licenses and practice in any member state of NLC, particularly Kentucky. A seamless licensure process will benefit nurses and their employers to provide health services on both sides of the river, in addition to addressing the nurse shortage within the region.


2018 Bi-State Legislation in Kentucky

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2018 Bi-State Legislation in Indiana

HB1317: Nurse Licensure Compact

HB1134: Drug addiction workforce recovery program

Click here for all 2018 legislation in the Indiana General Assembly. GLI will add information on key bills as it becomes available.